Erasmus Festival

Sunday, October 16, 2016

What better way to start the month October than going to a music festival? I found out about the festival through the posters that were posted all over my accommodation building. I was quick to take out my phone and send a snapchat to all my mates to see if they were up for it and obviously they were. 


For the line up I didn't really know any of the djs that were playing but what name did stand out to me and that was OTTO KNOWS and I remember him being a hit a few years a go and people still play his song "A million years" in clubs and parties. 

To get our tickets we had to buy it online or had the choice of availing them on the day. 
There were 3 tickets available online.

Early Bird Premiere Vague

The tickets were sold at a price of €10 and this was before tax but the tax was only an extra few cents anyway so it it still cheap enough! The tickets were sold till online till the weekend before the festival.

Deuxieme Vague

Tickets were sold at €13 before tax. This ticket was I bought since I didn't think the early bird tickets had a limit on them but €3 euro difference isn't bad at all.

Troisieme Vague
For this one wasn't able to find the price on it but it did say "prix en hause" which means high prices in French. So this would've been the ticket you would've gotten if it was at last minute.

The payment was like any other online payment and you were sent your e-ticket to your email and you can print them out yourself.

The festival was held on the 1st of October it was located on the grounds of Paul Sabatier III, Toulouse. This was really handy because my accommodation was on campus and it was just a 5min walk to the festival. I honestly didn't know what to expect so I just went with the flow. Although the festival started at 1pm we did't go till 6 because we didn't know the people who were playing and were having pre-drinks. I was enjoying my Malibu mixed with pineapple juice drink. I tried taking my time but I also wanted to get drunk fast since we weren't allowed to bring alcohol inside the festival. Before we we even got there some of us were already drunk and getting sick.

Inside the festival there were a lot of people with different nationalities. Each group of nationality had that one person carrying their country's flag so it was easy to spot who came from where. Despite of being born and raised from the Philippines, I kept an eye for anyone wearing the Irish flag since I am an Irish citizen now. Also because we knew there were other students coming from Ireland we just didn't know who they were.

It was kinda boring at the start so to entertain ourselves we got free a Frisbee. We started off just as 2 people until we ended up being a big massive group composed of people I didn't know and different nationalities. Frisbees were just flying here and there and it was really fun when your 5 glasses in with beer. As the night grew late more people came and more beers were bought and drank. Music got louder and the crowd in front of the stage grew bigger.

I met so much people that night. Spanish, Portuguese,Brazilian, American, Cuban, Mexican...all coming from different foreign exchange programmes and not just from Erasmus. I remember sweating from all the dancing and would re-charge with pizza. I also met people from Ireland (coz my friend spotted him carrying the Irish flag) For most of the night we stayed at the back of the crowd because we needed loads of space to show our "cool" dance moves but when Otto Knows came to play I squeezed my way to the very top of the crowd. He may not be David Guetta or Tiesto but I've still heard his music and I honestly think he's very original and he's working his way to the top. He also played his new music which featured Avicci titled "Back Where I Belong". In my opinion it's an unreal song and it's worth listening to!

Continuing on to the other music he played, he played one of my favourite EDM songs of all time which was "Calling (Lose my mind)" by Sebastian Ingrosso, Alesso ft. Ryan Tedder. That song is just my spirit song and it just made my night so much better. The night exceeded my expectations and I had so much fun. It was definitely worth going to. I didn't come to get pissed drunk even though that was what I was what I was trying to do at the start but I came for the experience of meeting people and the great music which did not disappoint me at all!

A bientôt, Dawn

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