DIY Flower Mug-Vase

Thursday, December 15, 2016

I was inspired to make my own flower mug which cost me less than €8.  A few days a go, I was with my mum doing some Christmas shopping. We were in Dunnes Stores and I saw the prettiest flower mug-vase that would just be perfect for my room but there was one problem. It was €20 for a small mug vase. Put off by the price, I put it back where I saw it and went back to my mom (like I always did when I was a kid when she said no to a toy I wanted). So I decided to make my own, how hard can it be to put some flowers in to a mug right? The project didn't take me that long and most of the things I needed were already lying around my house.

The things you will need are:

  • Glass mug (Feel free to use your own mug, depending on your own preference)
  • Flowers 
    • Plastic flowers
    • Fabricated flower heads
    • Optional: I also found some old flower headbands and I used then for this as well
    The things used cost only €1.50 each from the euro shop 
  • Crystal stones 
I found this lying in my house, which my mom used to decorate some stuff so I'm not sure about the price but no more than €3 anyway

Tools you will need:

  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Glue gun

How to make it:

1. Take one plastic flower and place it in the glass mug to measure how much of the stem you will need to cut off. 

Be sure to cut an inch longer than your measurement. Once you've done that, bend an inch at the end of  them stem. (This will support the flower from rooting it self of the stones later) Do the same with the other plastic flower and twist them together tightly. Keep the remaining stem you cut off because you will be using it again. 

2. Pour the crystal stones  about 1/3 in to the glass

You don't have to do the next step if you're not using old flower clips and headbands

3.Now using the the left over stem from earlier, bend the end of it by a few centimetres and attach it to  the flower.

To attach the flower, take your glue gun and glue the the bent part of the stem to the back of the flower. 
If you're wondering why the glue is colour black it's because my glue gun wasn't working so I had to improvise and use my a candle to burn the glue stick. 

When it dries, position them where you want to put them in the white bouquet. Twist the stems and glue gun to tighten them in their place. 

4. Once that's done, take the bouquet and bury the end of the stem in to the stone crystals to secure it in place. 

5. Taking your fabric flowers (roses for mine), individually position them in the places where you want to place them.

Once you're happy with where you put them, take your glue gun and stick them in to place. 

Viola, vous avez fini!

The entire project cost me only €6 which was such a good deal compared to the one in stores

This was such an easy and handy project to do. Let me know if you've done this or have done something similar to it. Hope you enjoyed making it!

A bientôt, Dawn

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