Heartfelt Birthday Present for My Mum

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Being a student really annoys me when it comes to buying presents because I don't have enough money to buy expensive presents that people would like. It makes it even harder especially when you're looking for a present for your mum and you know she deserves her own private island for all the things she's done for you but all you have in your wallet is €20 or even less.

So I thought if I couldn't buy her anything nice I should just make her a sincere and simple present which I thought she would appreciate more since she used to like and keep all the birthday cards I made her when I was a kid. I also thought that this present would be nice for friends. Its a kind gesture that despite you're not there to celebrate their special day with them you still are thinking of them and this serves a better and thoughtful meaning than the usual greeting on Facebook with a collage.

For this you will need:

  • birthday card - €2
  • frame magnets - €2
  • pictures
  • scissors
  • tape

The present is pretty much simple. All you need to do is :

  1. Cut the pictures in to the size of the frame magnets
  2. Tape the photo at the back of the magnet to secure it in place.
And you are finish. Now just write your heartfelt greeting on the card and pop the card into the envelope with the magnets.

My Mom really was touched by the gift. In fact, she said she wasn't expecting anything at all and that the little present I gave, made her very happy. I thought it was thoughtful as well since all she gets from the mail are junk mails and bills and receiving this was unique for her. I'm  also touched that she actually loved it. She asked if I could get more of the fridge magnets so she can make one of her own with my other sisters. 

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