My Ballet Christmas Tree

Saturday, December 17, 2016

This adorable and symbolic Christmas tree is my yearly tradition in my room. When I first moved to Ireland 6 years ago, I was upset to spend Christmas away from the Philippines. To kill my blues, I bought this pink miniature Christmas tree from the euro shop because I thought it would be cute to have my own Christmas tree in my room with a ballerina theme to go with it.

The tree came with 3 silver ornaments and 3 silver christmas presents. I thought it was plain and missing something. It was boring so I turned my room upside down to look for anything that I could put on it. I found to items that embodied something of importance, in honour of ballet.

I used broken and unused necklaces; beads and pendants that fell off too. 
I used the necklaces as a form of ribbon and tinsel for the tree. The gold head piece with the different coloured gems on the centre was actually a head piece I wore on my 2nd ballet recital when I was 8 years old. I though I just had to put it because the head piece was my attire for "Arabian Coffee" dance from the Nutcracker ballet which is a famous Christmas ballet AND is my favourite ballet shows of all time. 

I swear I'm not a hoarder, its just that this head piece has a sentimental value for me. It's also pretty so how could you have the will to throw it away?

For the baubles, I just used old pendants and beads lying around and tied them to a string and hanged them on the miniature tree. The ballerina pendant was actually given to me by my first "boyfriend" before I left for Ireland 6 years ago. He knew I loved ballet very much that he gave me a necklace with a ballerina pendant on it. I know what your thinking... Why isn't it like those silver ones where they do an arabesque and not this clay doll with a weird smile. Well my answer to that is, I was only 13 when he gave it to me and he was 15 so ostentatious presents weren't popular to us young adolescents then.

 Ballet has always played a significant role in my life especially during this time of the year because for the 10 years that I did it, I always performed during Christmas. Performing and bringing joy made me happy about myself because it felt like I was giving people a chance of escapism from reality and in to the world of silent theatre where actions spoke louder than words. Ballet offered something deeper than just fairy tales and magical characters, like in the Nutcracker. The nutcracker is basically like Alice in Wonderland where both protagonists find their selves in a world that is not sane but yet things made sense. Like this tree, it probably won't make sense to some unless I tell them why I have it. A lesson is taught in ballet stories and people don't really pick up on that. Despite that, this is why ballet is plays a crucial role in my own thoughts and why it inspired my to start this DIY Christmas tree.

I was going to use a ballerina doll instead of the bear to go with the decor but I couldn't find it anywhere so say hi again to Pola, my polar bear teddy that featured in my DIY flower mug post

Even though I've stopped ballet, it's clear that it will always be a part of me and this tree is somewhat my tribute to my passion for it. 

A bientôt, Dawn

Ps: Santa if you're reading this please give me a silver chain necklace with a ballerina doing an arabesque pendant for this Christmas. ;)

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