Paris: My 3 Day Affair with Her

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Two summers ago, I fell for one of the least people I expected and it hit me like a whirlwind. Like all summer flings, it ended when the autumn leaves started to descend. I just had my heart shattered by a guy who led me on ... so what better way to get over that than be in Paris. As Queen B (a.k.a. Blair Warldorf from Gossip Girl) said:

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ALSO, my mum had planned to go to Paris to meet up with her friends from Dubai. This was her second time going to the country and I thought she should at least bring me because the course I'm doing in college is international business and the core language I'm learning is French. The trip lasted for 3 days and in those 3 days I visited:

  • Musée de Louvre
  • Notre Dame de Paris
  • La Tour Eiffel 
  • Les Champs Elysées
  • L'arc de Triomphe
Paris is such a beautiful city so be prepared for me to praise this beaut! I was overwhelmed when I first got off the grounds because as over rated as the city is in the tv shows and films; it is still a city rich in culture and history. How can someone not be in love with her?

Notre Dame de Paris

On the first day, we just spent the afternoon walking the streets of Paris. One of the first monuments I saw was the Notre Dame de Paris. First glimpse I saw of this iconic cathedral I rushed immediately
and lost my mum and her mates who were behind me. I didn't care if I lost them, in my mind I just kept thinking about the Disney film adaptation of Victor Hugo's Hunchback of Notre Dame (I am a Disney kid at heart so don't be surprised if there are more Disney references here.) and the gargoyles that would be guarding and protecting them from evil spirits. The design of this cathedral had unbelievable detail. One thing that kept amazing over and over as I went around their numerous streets was their architecture. If Paris could flirt, she would use her architectural designs to charm you.

I didn't do much sight seeing after the cathedral because I met up with my ex's friend , Sarah (She's half Filipino and French) at some kind of ping-pong bar. I know what you're thinking... and no we didn't play beer pong; it was just ordinary ping pong and people just bought their cocktails and beers. Can I just also say that french guys are so good looking ; Sarah's mates were just gorgeous. They were all half of another race and not just French so i thought fair play to their parents for making such good looking babies. If I do sound like exaggerating their looks maybe because I distinctly remember trying not recall the guy who dumped me and just tried to look at all the guys. It wasn't that hard since they were all visually pleasing.

Musée de Louvre

On the second day we went to Europe's biggest museum, the Louvre. The queue to get in was literally no joke so I suggest to buy your tickets ahead and come early as you will nearly spend hours in this amazing museum. The tickets we got cost around €17 (link at the end) and it was well worth the wait and price. What's not to "Louvre" right? *winks*

The Louvre exhibits one of the most famous artifacts in the world and that is non other than the diva herself, the "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo Da Vinci. She was contained in a bullet proof glass and people weren't allowed to go near her. A velvet rope separated her from us and out of all the exhibits she was the only one to have guards by her side. She was flooded by a lot of spectators who took selfies 3 feet away from her. For the rest of the tour I was just playing around with the artifacts.

There were a lot of Chinese tourist around. Never seen that much Asians since I went back home. LOL

Champs Elysées & L'arc de Triomphe

On the last day of the trip, we took a bus tour that brought around the gorgeous city. Somehow the old architecture managed to blend in with the present. Which is why I think Paris will forever be a timeless city of class. One of the stops we went to was of course the high-end street of Champs Elysées. While my mum took her time in the Louis Vuitton shop, I took my time at the Disney store. If you walk straight up to the end of this street you will find the L'arc de Triomphe. This monument plays an important part in France's history as written on its walls are battles of the first French republic and Napoleon's Empire. To add to that, it is good spot for a photo shoot so that's what I did. 

Great place to do your wedding prenups

La Tour Eiffel

I think no one has ever went to Paris without going to the Eiffel Tower. It is the trademark of this city and it will forever be the symbol of Paris' skyline. It is actually bigger when up close and despite my huge brick phone it was difficult to fit the tower in to the entire frame. This was architecture at it's finest and this jewel is the reason why "Eiffel" in-love with Paris (See what I did there? *winks* I promise I wont do anymore puns for this post) All jokes aside this trip was really what I needed and ironically, I got over love in the city of love. (Slyly posting pics of me in instagram enjoying the city as if I'm not crying inside works guys. Trust me.) I would've loved to had been able to go up the tower but the line was too long. Like all rebounds, it didn't last and my Paris affair ended when I flew back to Ireland but I will never forget her.

First selfie with the tower! I was that excited.

As I've said, I went to Paris two summers ago but the reason why I decided to make a post about it because it has always been a dream of mine to go to Paris and study in France. Looking back where I am now and how my life has been since my trip, I have gone far and I am forever grateful for that experience. It opened opportunities and motivated me to pursue Erasmus. I am not so good when it comes to explaining feelings or thoughts but this quote pretty much sums it up...

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 And when 2016 hit that dream became real. Since being a part of Erasmus, I have learned a lot about France and cultural differences. It has pushed me to be more independent and certainly taught me how to live and travel on a budget (On a very tight budget I might add). If you're curious what happened to that guy, well we got back together in 2016 and we've pretty much been happy travelling and making the long distance work. (As for Paris... well I still think of her... her twinkling charm, her enticing beauty... One day, I hope to come back to her with my guy this time and we'll have a threesome 😉 )

Paris was the dream but that was not the finish line as it was only the start. I am sure the finish line isn't the end of the year or the end of Erasmus but wherever or whenever that is I still hope 2017 will be full of the same productive chances.
Happy New Year! Here's to more adventures and wandering!

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A bientôt, Dawn

PS: Photo credits to my momma for the pictures of me

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