DIY Valentines Tokens

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

I've been feeling a bit unproductive lately but what better way to cure that than to do a DIY project for Valentines day right? It also doesn't necessarily have to be for Valentines, it can also be for an anniversary, birthday or some just random reason you got inspired to be generous and sweet. For this DIY, I made 2 small things that you can add to your present which will only cost you your imaginations and probably money less than €2. They're so simple and easy to do the only hard part is resisting not to eat the chocolate but other than that you'll be fine! So lets get crafting on the chocolate card and treat your partner scratch card Valentines tokens.

Chocolate Card

Things you will need are: 

  • Chocolate bar
  • Coloured cardboard paper
  • Coloured pens
  • Pencil & Pen
  • Glue 
I got most of my art stuff from HEMA and they have the cutest stuff for stationery and art work

Tools you will need:

  • Scissors 
  • Tape
  • Ruler 

How to make it:

1. Take the chocolate from it's box without removing the tin foil around it. Place it on the cardboard paper and measure how long you want the length of the paper to be. This will also be your card and what you will use to wrap around your chocolate bar.

2. Cut it out and wrap it around the chocolate bar to see you you need to shorten the width of the card and cut it off. Wrap it around and fold the cardboard paper's sides so it tightens around the edges and won't be loose.

3. Taking another cardboard paper, cut out a small rectangle that you want to fit inside your cardboard wrapper frame. 

As I've said in the previous step, be sure to fold where the edges are so that it will be easier to secure later when it's finished.

4. Use your imagination and draw some cringe worthy puns and characters to design. If you're imagination is running slow look up some pictures on pinterest or google for inspiration. 

5. Stick your love dovey master piece on the cardboard and your're near to finishing. 

6. Flip your chocolate card and write your "secret" message. It can be short or long if you like. You have the entire page to write how you see your future with them, if you want. 

I just kept mine short as an example 
7.  Now all that is left is to secure this card around chocolate bar. Tape the first side so the card won't fall off. Take the other side and glue it to the back. 

8. After putting the glue and attaching the sides, place a paperweight or anything heavy (in my case my makeup brushes holder) on top while the glue dries. This way, the side with the glue wont slide off or slip away while it dries.  

Here is the final look!

I also made another one because I enjoyed making it and and I wrote my heart-felt letter in the second one too! 

The white stuff on the second one is dry glue. Yes guys, this is a sticky enough DIY

Scratch Card

You'll need the same things you used for the previous DIY but you will also 2 extra things:

Nail varnish and candle wax

How to make it: 

The steps for this a pretty much straight forward enough and you wont be needing any extra cardboard paper. I just used the leftovers to make it because we're already cutting enough trees and it would be just a waste to throw them straight after. 

1. Take a small cardboard paper and another smaller one (perfect enough to fit it the frame of the first) in different colour and glue them together. 

2. Take your pencil and draw 3 shapes (I just chose hearts to keep the Valentines theme going) and write little "treats" you would like to give your man/woman. "Win an argument" "Movie night" Take your candle wax and colour in the inside of the shape. 

3. Then take your nail varnish and paint it over the wax to cover the writing and allow it to dry. If you can still see the writing, after it dries add another layer of wax and paint to cover it up.

4. Now just take your couloured pens and write and draw your designs. You can say "Scratch for a Prize" "Scratch Me" "Scratch one" "Always a Winner" 

Now all you have to do is just let it dry and voila. Tu as fini!

I made more scratch cards to be more generous on my man. You can also add some spicy treats if you know what i mean.. ;)

I enjoyed making this Valentines themed DIY presents. It's perfect for your crush, the boyfie, the hubby or who ever you plan to give it. Happy Valentines day to all the lovers out there! 

A bientôt, Dawn

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