Bordeaux Diaries: City Sites on a Winter Day

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Its March already? Where did the time go?! February was a busy month for me and its also my favourite. February is my month because it's my birth month and for my birth week I had the best surprise ever. My boyfriend flew from Ireland to Toulouse to visit me for my birth week. Part of that was bring me to Bordeaux for Valentines day.The travelling and what we did for Valentines didn't fit in one post because it was too all over the place, (because it was last minute for me) I decided  to make a Bordeaux diary series. For this diary entry I'll be showing places we went to and how to get around this beautiful city. 

When we got off the bus (return ticket from Toulouse was €18) the sun was shinning and the skies were blue. It was just a perfect day to be to be travelling. We only had one problem and that was finding our way to the city. As millennials, we went to Google for our problem and got directions how to get there. We took a tram (€4.60 for day pass ticket) which dropped us at the main square.We had a lot of ground to cover so like any other tourist, our first stop was at the Tourist Information Office (link found at the end)We had no idea where or what to do in Bordeaux except taste wine; so it was logical to go here first. Neither of us were prepared where to go for Bordeaux because it was last minute for me and my boyfriend wasn't able to do enough research but we had a map, some ideas where to go and we were off.

Place de la Bourse 

I was so in love with this place mainly because there weren't a lot of tourist (now that I think of it.. it was just really just us and locals). In most pictures I've seen from Bordeaux, this place would always be one of the top places featured. Across from it is the Miroit d'eau which gives a beautiful reflection of Place de la Bourse. Unfortunately, we were informed that it has been turned off during the winter because the water that causes the reflection, freezes and it turned off for safety reasons. 

The water that flows in the fountain was also turned off but didn't stop me from taking a picture. 

 Porte Calihau

Our first thought upon seeing the blue roofs of the landmark was that it reminded us of Sleeping Beauty's castle in Disneyland. We also went up the landmark to see whats inside and we had to pay a fee. If I had to pay €5 I wouldn't had gone up but YAY for student price because €3.50. There wasn't much inside except some old battle weapons and masonry equipment from the medieval ages. At the top of the Porte, the was a window that showed you the Garonne river and rooftops of Bordeaux.

There are also cafés around the area for some tea or coffee, which is perfect for a spring sunny day. 

 Monument aux Girandins

"Babe do you want to know a fun fact about this fountain?" my boyfriend said out of nowhere. I nod my head knowing it wasn't really going to be a "fun fact" but I knew he was going to say it anyway. His tone was excited when he said "This fountain is the 4th biggest in Europe. The Trevi fountain in Rome is the biggest" Surprisingly, I found it kind of funny because while some of our couple friends went to Rome and to see the Trevi fountain we were in Bordeaux seeing the 4th biggest in Europe. It also made me want to go to Rome even more as a couple because #goals. ( I lowkey felt jel too because I haven't been there and my boyfriend has)

Like the other fountain in Place de la Bourse, the fountain here is also turned off during winter season.

Cathédrale St-André

The Cathedral can be found beside the Hotel de Ville which I THINK is a popular hotel. (I really don't know much about it just that it appeared on the map so it must be important. LOL)

They had these little metal tables that gives you a bird's eye view of the some of the landmarks. 

We went around their shopping centre "Promenade Ste-Catherine" as well. Loads of sales... but I was fresh broke from shopping in Barcelona sales so it was pretty much just window shopping but they have nice shops in Bordeaux.

We didn't go far from the city centre because we only had a day. One of the other place we went to was La Cité du Vin which I'll talk about in my next diary entry. I really liked Bordeaux. It gave me a break from the usual pink building of Toulouse. Everything was walking distance so it was impossible to get lost. I definitely would like to go back here during the summer time!

A bientôt, Dawn

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