Budget Hacks On Where To Get Your Your Student Accommodation Essentials

Friday, March 10, 2017


Moving day is always one of the days you will always look forward to when you study abroad so here are some tips where to get your student accommodation essentials at a lesser price or even for free. Unlike other student accommodations, my apartment (if you call a 9m² room with the bed coming down from the ceiling when you press the button that)  wasn't provided with any housewares. I didn't expect coming to a different country to be welcomed by an empty room because it was never mentioned and it was not in my in my plan nor budget to buy all the essentials. I enjoyed shopping for my apartment and filling it with homely things to give it that extra "me". Knowing myself, I like expensive stuff but I was still able to do it on a budget. So during tough times like this, I had to be practical and resourceful. Trust me, this is settling-in made easier for you AND you won't even start counting the price of each item once you follow these.

2 Euro Store

It doesn't even have to be in euros. Dollar, pound or whatever currency they use in your country, they all have stores like this.This was where I got most of essentials. Plates, glasses and other utensils you name it and it only costs €2 for each item. Some even are in sets. I spent about €12 in this store and I've already bought enough kitchenware to feed a family. You really can't go wrong here. If you're practical there's no point spending money on a €5 glass for yourself if you're only staying there for a year. Invest that money instead on glasses to serve your mates for a little soiree or for a game of beer pong. ;)

Homestore Sales

You know you're getting you're money's worth if the item is on sale! Cheaper value for good quality. Sales are always on but it's the big sales you've got to watch out for. You might have to be patient if sales aren't around but you can always compare prices and see which fits your budget. When I was doing my shopping the sales weren't even on but the sales assistant heard me complain about the prices and informed me to come back the next day because there was a weekend sale! The next day I came back and got my pillows, bed linen, blankets and kitchenware. So advice you to ask around if there are any sales soon. After spending €40 (€50 max) I was able to make my empty student apartment into a warm and cozy abode and I slept peacefully without adding the total of how much I spent on my card.
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Neighbours and Friends Moving Out

Seize this opportunity to make friends, it comes in handy when they move out. Their trash can be your treasure. My neighbour was moving out of his apartment because his year abroad had ended. He had a lot of stuff that he didn't need anymore so he handed my friend two full bags of kitchenware and bedroom essentials. Happy days right? He got pots, pans, pillows, even a scented candle and some canned goods. Two other friends were also going back to Ireland and they gave me their toaster; my mornings since I got it became better.  As a student, I'm not really picky. If the items have been used because you can always wash it and besides who doesn't like free stuff, right?
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Sharing is Caring

One of the best things I've done to save on spending was chipping-in money to buy appliances. You can do this with people who just moved in too. My friends and I put money together to buy an iron. Why? because there was no point buying an iron individually since we won't be using it that much (Well I used it more than the guys but helping hands are always handy). The same as with the girls who bought the toaster, they also put in money for it.  If you are buying essentials online you can also ask a friend if they would like to buy something too just so you can split the cost for delivery. The people you meet abroad will become your new family so I don't see the problem with sharing some things with them.
Take note that this your chance to familiarize yourself with the best go-to shops in your area. After reading all that, you wont even label it as shopping on a budget but more of shopping smart. Being a student abroad can teach you to be resourceful and practical, with that comes appreciating the little things. Hope you enjoy moving day find these hacks helpful for your settling-in!

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