Toulouse Diaries: Musée des Augustins

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

As part of my boyfriend visiting me, it was obligatory that I show him around the pink city of Toulouse. Show him my favourite shops, little ally ways with nice restaurants and other corners of the city I discovered roaming around. One site however, I have never been to was Musée de Augustins. I always passed by this museum in downtown Esquirol but I never bothered to go in on my own because I'd prefer museum dates than going alone. They are more fun (ie. trying to imitate the sculptures positions). I took this opportunity to go in there with my boyfriend and see the artifacts and painting from the 13th to 20th century.

The museum is located beside the street Rue d'Alsace Lorraine where all the main shops are. You can't miss it. It's near the Line A metro and there are bus stops outside. Almost in all sites I've been around France they often offer student deals so be sure to bring your student card if you are! For the entrance fee we paid nothing because we showed them our student cards but we had to pay €5 extra if we wanted to go see the "Fenêtre sur Cours" Exhibition but we didn't go for that option. For other prices, click here.

Upon entering we saw a cloister and chairs around it where people sat and took a bit of sun.

You can also see some gargoyles chilling around under shade. 

Gothic Sculpture Hall


If you feel like need some fresh air for all the dust (jk the museum isn't dusty) then you can come out here for a breather and some snacks. There's a vending machine at the side. 

Romanesque Sculpture Gallery

This gallery featured sculptures, each having their own unique detailed design. The bright colours surrounding the gallery surprisingly blended in and it also made it look modern.

For this next part of the museum, I'm not quite sure what it's called but it exhibits 19th century sculptures. The bf claims that it reminds him of Hogwarts and though I disagree, the interior design is very beautiful.

Painting Galleries

There are two rooms in this gallery. The red and white hall. Both showcase 19th and 20th century paintings from French painters such Toulouse-Lautrec and Manet.

"Paint me like one of your french girls, Jack" Follow me instagtam @jerlidawn 

Don't think we were posing (but if you do, who did it better?) because this seat is actually in my opinion the best way to see all the paintings. For more information about what each room in the museum exhibits click here

This has been a very interesting museum date and I hope this photo diary was helpful. I totally recommend to visit this place if you are in Toulouse and if you are already, I hope you enjoy your visit. See you around St. Pierre for the sunset. ;)

A Bientôt, Dawn

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