DIY Mini Couple Canvas

Monday, April 03, 2017

It really is hard to think of something to get for someone when you're a broke girl (like me) but not too long ago, I went in to a random art shop during the winter sales and while I was rummaging through the sales I found this mini canvas gift set. I thought as well that this would be a good idea for me to start a new hobby of painting. I was inspired by couple items so I thought it would be cute to make a "couple canvas" and give it as a small present for the bf (cringy.. i know). I wanted to post this since March but I had to wait till I actually gave the decor to the bf. Before we get cracking in to the DIY, I never took art classes so my "masterpiece" may not be like Da Vinci's but I thought I should share this because it's perfect for beginners and crafty people!

What you will need: 
  • 2 blank canvas
  • paint
  • paint brush
  • Pinterest
  • paper 
  • pen
I got mine as a set from the art company Reeves.  If you don't want to use the set you can find everything individually in your local arts and crafts store.

1. First thing I did was search online for some drawings I was confident enough to paint. If you have something in mind already that's perfectly fine. What i really had planned for this was to look for a couple kissing (or something cringy like that) and for that I used Pinterest. There were a lot to pick from and the one I chose was this one: 

I didn't go for something too complicated. I kept it simple and  easy.
2. Since it was my first time, I didn't immediately paint. I first practiced on paper how I wanted the painting to look. I put the 2 blank canvas side by side on the paper and used their shape as an outline. I think it too me a while to get the proportions right since this was going to be a "couple item" so I had to draw the boy in one canvas and the girl on the other. Once you're happy with that you can now start painting. 

3. I started off with the background colour and just painted everything. Nothing to hard. Then after the paint dried, I took my pencil and drew the outline of the couple just to guide me when I'm painting.

4. After that, I just painted in the spaces bit by bit. I first started with the faces, I didn't have a skin tone colour so I just mixed colours.

then I just slowly worked my way to the characters' entire bodies.

I purposely made the hair look messy coz why not?

5.As for the clothes because there are stripes I first just painted the male character's shirt entirely black and then just added the white stripes after. Then I painted the stripes on the sleeves first. To make sleeve pop out more, after i added in the striped I took the black paint and outlined the sleeves. I did the same thing for the female character's shirt.

When I was taking pictures for this, I was using both my phone and camera. For part 5 I was using my phone and unfortunately my phone broke recently so I had to look for it in my backed up drive and only found this.

6. Next step now is to paint the daisy bouquet that is in between the couple. I started off just drawing the green stems and leaves. Take note I didn't paint in her hand yet because I wasn't sure if I still had to add in some stems. Then just add little golden yellow blobs around centre of the characters' faces.

7. As for the petals I just stroked some white paint around the yellow blobs. It didn't look nice as I expected it to be so to fix it up I added the little yellow dashes around the petals to make it more prominent. You can add more daisies around if you want to cover up more of their faces. Don't forget also to paint in the girl's arm when you're happy.

And that's all folks! Well I'm a messy type of girl so I'm quite satisfied with how it turned out given that this is my first time doing a canvas. It's perfect for room decor or as a couple present if you're in to that. You can even paint it on a bugger sized canvas. Another thing I did was turning it in to a fridge magnet. I just basically glued the magnet (you can get it too in your crafts store) at the back four corners of the canvas and it is now a magnet! Until the next DIY...

A bientôt, Dawn

If you'd like to see more art materials by Reeves, click here

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