Beginner Tips for Blogging Photo Shoots

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

I am no where near being a model nor a photographer but one odd day I was bored and feeling low so I called of my instagram wife Jess to meet up with me an have a walk around the beautiful pink city of Toulouse. There are times when you struggle with confidence and self-love and I honestly think doing a little "photo shoot" will make you feel better and make you realise you are a queen/king and I thought I should share my beginner tips on blogger photo shoots. May it be for make-up, a new product, fashion, travel or whatever your niche is.

Colourful Aesthetic Background.

I've lived in Toulouse for 8 months and there were still some places I wasn't able to go to so I said why not now? So on that random afternoon, we walked around the unfamiliar streets like tourists. We walked around to look for place to shoot and let our inner bloggers flow through. If you see a nice Instagram worthy background then take out the cam and start the shoot! I always find street art to be eye catching or even just plain but vibrant walls. Walking around your area can help you find the background that suits your mood. Contrasting backgrounds to your outfit or product really help you/it stand out. 

Think like a tourist.

When I'm travelling I always let my inner tourist go full out because I've no shame. I think you get better quality photos when you're a tourist because you want to capture amazing scenes and moments to show off afterwards and this is a mindset I like to put in my head. When I'm not travelling, it's awkward because there are people passing by and staring. Then I let it settle in my mind that I'm currently a "tourist" for a day in this city so I shouldn't care if people are staring because most tourist don't. Besides you'll never see them again.

Be yourself.

It was hard at first because I'm not one for posing and I don't think I fit the criteria of those popular bloggers but we worked through it and just let ourselves be ourselves. Trying to pose as if you're trying to be someone doesn't really turn out well for photos. It looks awkward and you feel fake. I personally think that your visuals should be able to radiate your personality.

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Move around and try to have fun while doing it, if music helps then put those tunes on blast why not? If you're taking photos just keep capturing the. Don't pause and wait for them to do another pose because sometimes candid ones turn out to be better.

Play with Lighthing and Angles

Every blogger will tell you that sunlight is the best lighting so it's best to do pictures in the morning but there's also no harm in playing with shadows and angles! Just remember to incorporate  what the purpose of the shoot is. What is it that you want to stand out in the picture.

I'm really bad when it comes to lighting but I'm working to improve on that and doing this "shoot" let me experiment on my photography skills. Experimenting with lighting also helps you find which angles work for you.You'll have a lot of pics taken at then end but it gives you a look of which angles work and which lighting suits you.You may have to crouch down or stand on a stool but hey! These are the things we bloggers have to do for right picture.

As you are a beginner, your phone isn't bad to use at the start and in these pictures I was just using mine too. The thing I like about the iPhone cam is that it has auto-lighting so if the lighting is bad, you can just tap that feature so it corrects it.

Enhance your beauty with photoshop apps

VscoCam and Snapseed, I think are the 2 apps almost every blogger starts out with. Both apps are free on the app store and they have a lot of nice features and filters that are good for retouching and enhancing. They're straight forward and easy to use.Of course you are free to use other apps but personally these are the 2 apps that work best for me.

My fave Vsco filter is Hypebeast 2 and I use it nearly for all my picture!

Find some Blogger Inspo

Look at other bloggers' blogs or Instagram for inspiration. It gives you an idea how to pose or what your pictures to look like. It's just like flicking through a magazine. When I started, I also read blogger help from other sources and it really helped me get a grasp of what to look for or what to do on the shoot or even how to edit photos. Doing a little research goes a long way hence why you're here right?

Now here's a lil gallery showing you the photos I got of my instgram wifey (@iamagnesJ) while taking in to mind the tips mentioned..

Photo credits to @iamagnesJ for taking the pictures of me above. 
Hope you find these tips useful and welcome to the blogging community fellow blogger! ;) 

A bientôt, Dawn

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