Co. Wicklow: Bray Head Photo Diary

Monday, June 05, 2017

Do people still say "Will you go out on a date with me?" It's been a month since I came back from France and you'd think I'd be off prancing over the rainbow with my man since we haven't seen each other for a while but that hasn't been the case. Despite the conflicting priorities and schedules he asked me out on a date. Something we both haven't done in  a while since February (Crazy that its been that long, I know!) It wasn't like your typical dinner dates it was more of a "Let's hike up to Bray head coz I want to show you the amazing view up there" and he sure didn't disappoint. So on Wednesday afternoon we took the DART from Connolly Station, Dublin and headed up to Bray in Co. Wicklow. (More helpful links at the end)

I've never been to Bray and all I knew at that time was that it was a posh area by the beach. When we got there the entire town was covered with fog. It was like being in an episode of Scooby-Doo or Nancy Drew where they end up in a creepy town with fog and brainwashed locals staring at them ( imagination is weird like that). We couldn't see the beach, the houses nor Bray head but it was quite beautifully haunting.

Wear your runners folks! The hike up was quite a struggle for me since I don't usually do these types of things. This was a change of scene and he the view was worth the hike. The higher we got up the less fog  there was and the more you can see how the small town of Bray was covered entirely with fog.

He only made me look back once and the next time I looked down at the town of Bray was when we finally reached the top. Doing this he said built up the excitement and appreciating the view better. We marveled at the view and enjoyed the silence of just us two in the skies (well for a short while).  It was a different kind of view not just your typical hill overlooking the sea on a sunny day view and I think it was really nice he brought me on this little date.

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When we got down the fog cleared, the sun came out and I enjoyed my ice cream while walking on the beach like all other cliché couples do. 

The view was beautiful despite it being unclear due to the fog and clouds but it did bring clear insights to our relationship. It was such a nice date and made me appreciate Ireland more. Definitely brought me back through the times we traveled in France. Until our next Irish adventure...

A Bientot,

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