5 Reasons Why I love working in Fashion Retail

Thursday, January 25, 2018

I've been missing in action lately.. not because I grew tired of blogging but more so because I've been busy balancing college and work. Yeah ya girl is working part-time these days in fashion retail and let me tell you, I love it! Setting aside the crazy mammies and daughters asking for sizes and ruining my pile during the Christmas and New Year sales, here are 5 reasons why I love it.

1. Giving Fashion Advice
I absolutely love it when my besties come to me for advice. Like yes girl, let me shine some light in to you about that boy!  I love it even more when customers approach me and ask for my opinion or advice about fashion and style. It feels good because they put their trust on me to give some fashion advice without even knowing me or what my personal style is. It makes my day knowing a customer followed my advice and buys the clothes that I suggested.

2. Discounts
Being the broke college student that I am, discounts are my favourite reason why I love working in fashion retail. I'm always one for mixing and matching "old season" (vintage clothes we'll call it for next time) clothes but since working under fashion, I've been able to buy new season clothes at ease. The brand I work for also has other "sister companies" which I also get discounts from therefore every binge shopping is a deal.

3. Being in trend
Girls, you can never go wrong with basic but we all get tired eventually of being that basic babe. Since I work in an environment that sells the latest fashion trends, It's so easy to spot what colours and styles are going to be on trend for the season.It's also easy to spot which styles will only last a month. As stressful as doing store deliveries sounds, I do enjoy un-boxing the clothes and see what new styles are in this week.

4. Compliments
Before, when I still didn't have the official uniform for the store my uniform was basically me just trying to be trendy in black clothing. It makes my day when customers come to tell me they like what I'm wearing and ask where I got it.  It feels nice to receive compliments from random people when you've been stressed out dealing with demanding customers. At some point, I was wearing black clothes all coming from the shop and when customers ask me where that item is located on the floor, you know I just had to make them buy it.

The last point really applies for most jobs especially if the job you're doing is related to your course.

5. Experience
Being in my final year of college, working in retail has been my escape to get away from all the college stress. The pressure of meeting deadlines and reading research articles have been weighed out by the customers whom I have little chats in the fitting room and the bants me and my workmates have. Working in Retail has given me the chance to actually apply the things I've learned in college modules and use some the experiences I have at work in my projects. I feel more ready to deal with CA's when I know I can just refer back to my own personal work experience. Its a win-win!

A bientôt,

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