Bershka SS18 Staff Favourites

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

"Who do we think we are, modeling for Bershka!?" Well... First of all, we're awesome and second of all, we're the people that sell their clothes and NO we were not bored. This "photo shoot" was actually kick started when BERSHKA announced that they were holding a competition for the best look of their new spring/summer 2018 collection for all the stores in Ireland. I thought it would be fun to share this new creative way of promoting staff recognition. 

We had an option of doing it on our own, but our manager suggested to do a group shoot, which to my surprise, was really fun to do. One for the weekday staff and another for the weekend staff. It challenged our inner fashionista's and brought us closer in the sense that we all helped each other with picking our outfits.  

The theme of our shoot (if you can call it that) was street style wear, with the main colours being red, blue and white as that seems to be something quite big in Bershka's new collection. Personally, I think our concept was really good due to the models mostly being the weekend staff, which consisted of college students and street wear fashion is big in our generation. Fingers crossed we win!

If you're curious about our #BERSHKASTYLE, feel free to drop by the store and we'll give you a hand. #customerservice 😉 Links for my outfit will be below. 

Puffer Jacket - its on sale right now! - link
Red Jogging Trousers - link
Strappy White Top - link
Striped Neckerchief - my fave piece in this look! - link
I couldn't find exact glasses but here's something similar
Aviator Sunglasses - link

We had initially had planned to set a side an hour after work to do the shoot but due to the flow of tourist coming in to the shop due to it being Paddy's day weekend, we weren't able to do it except the day after when everyone was dying from the excessive drinking the night before and the snow made it impossible for them to leave their homes. Despite this being a last minute thing, we were able to work with what we had and it turned out pretty well. Its not everyday, Inditex's second biggest retailer lets their employees show off their inner model.

A bientôt,

Disclosure: The items we wore were from the store and the price tags were just hidden. Security tags were removed from accessories with permission from our manager and returned after for the purpose of this shoot.

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