VIVA Ireland: Short-term Accomodation for Internationals In Ireland

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Being a 21 year old, trying to make it out in Dublin can be such a struggle. It's a lot harder if you're coming from another country. The rent in Dublin city centre is ridiculously expensive these days and I salute every foreigner who comes to Ireland to start a new life and manage make ends meet. If you're a new comer in Ireland and you're looking for an affordable and central location to live in the city then Viva Ireland has your back. 

Viva Ireland is a house-sharing agency that accommodates all internationals coming in to Ireland, looking for a short-term stay till they settle in, for a very affordable price. They offer house-sharing with other internationals who come to Ireland with different purposes. It may be for work, travel or for studying. 

Before I tell you more about Viva Ireland, I want to share the reason for this post and its because I really enjoyed my stay with them and thought I should spread the word about this new and exciting housing agency for internationals in Ireland. Also, I just want to share a quick story time on how I found them. I was lucky enough to come across their ad on I was searching for a one week accommodation in Dublin for the purpose of work and urgently but because most people who rent require at least 3months or more for a duration of stay. I could've just booked an AirBnB or went to a hostel but ya girl here is on a budget and I didn't think it was necessary to spend a lot if the purpose of my stay was just a place to stay the nights in Dublin after work, so that's why I chose Viva Ireland. 

Their Location and Team

Viva Ireland has offers house-sharing for internationals in Dublin and Cork. They are also expanding and offering more properties available for house share in Galway soon. They actually have an office in the cities, where they're located, therefore you can easily visit and ring their office if you have any questions. 

You will be dealing directly with one of the customer service representative in Viva Ireland and not the tenants of the house. If you still haven't arrived in Ireland, you can also ring them or email them. Their team is very friendly and helpful and note that if you're enlgish is not as fluent, they also have a team of internationals that can speak spanish, portuguese and italian. Their website is also offered in english, french, italian, spanish, portuguese and german. They have a maintenance team for their houses and that includes a cleaner that comes to the house twice a week and a handyman to fix or replace anything thats is reported broken by the tenants in the house. 

House Viewing and Booking 

You can check out the property and rooms available in Dublin and Cork online, at their website Viva Ireland Booking. Each property gives a list of the facilities available in the house, pictures of the rooms and the location of the property. Viva Ireland offers a single bedroom, double bedroom, twin bedroom, triple bedroom and quadruple bedroom. All prices vary for each bedroom in each property. Rooms are priced according to a stay of one week but you must pay for the total amount of your stay in one entire payment at the start before you check-in and not in installments. 

You can arrange a viewing of the property with the team before your decide to book, just give them a ring or drop them and email. Also, If you're interested in booking your stay with them, just give them an email and they usually respond in 1-2 working days. Just be sure you read their email thoroughly because it gives you specific instructions how booking and paying in Viva Ireland works. Other charges they have for booking with Viva Ireland include a security deposit (which will be given back after you leave) and a cleaning fee. If you need something ASAP, they require you to book at least 48hours before your check-in date. Once you follow the email instructions on how to pay they also will send you an email on how to do your self-check in. Its really easy and it's just like checking-in to an AirBnB! Once you've paid and you're ready to check-in, all that's left is reading and signing the house contract with Viva Ireland and you're good to go. 

Viva Ireland is a great way for new people moving in to Ireland to get settled in because you wont feel alone or be seen as an outsider as you will also meet other people from different cultural backgrounds who are also experiencing the same thing as you!

If you want to know more about Viva Ireland you can check out their website or follow them in their social media! (Links below) Also I'll be sharing my experience with them, in one of their Dublin apartments soon, in another blog!

A bientôt,

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