Secondhand September Round Up:Where I got my Fall Wardrobe

Monday, September 30, 2019

I can't believe September has come to an end, and after pledging to no to new clothes for 30 days as part of Oxfam's Secondhand September Pledge, I have learned so much within the month. I really though it would be hard to do but I enjoyed practicing sustainable fashion and I felt good in  helping make an impact in saving the environment by doing just a simple thing. Below is just one of the many outfits I came up with from the I bought secondhand!

Coat: SVP
 Trousers: Depop
Photo by: Jedd Cabreza (IG: @jeddcabreza)

So where did I get my clothes for this Fall season?

Well, I went to loads of different places around Dublin to look for secondhand clothing and I mostly got them from onlines stores, thrift stores and charity stores. It wasn't easy finding what I wanted since I only started thrifting but I am happy with the looks and things I got. 

Oxfam is a global non-profit organisation that aids and raises awareness of countries in poverty.* They have a lot of charity shops located in Dublin and throughout Ireland, therefore any clothes you find here will be different to the next shop. One of the thing's I love this charity shop is that they sell jewellery which are still in their packaging. Theres always so many options to choose from and the best part is its 3 for €5 so you can stock up on some pieces you can wear over and over.

I have been wearing these earing repeatedly! They remind me of an 80's style.

Saint Vincent de Paul

SVP is an Irish non-profit organisations whose goal is to fight poverty in all its forms through the practical assistance to people in need.* Although having less shops, they still have a variety of clothes and they also sell furniture.

I found this faux fur coat which was only €8, which is such a steal! Since wearing a couple of times now, It is actually comfy, not itchy and WARM, which is whar we all want from the fall season clothes

Depop is an online buying and selling platform for secondhand and vintage items. I think it is one of the handiest online shops to use when you are looking for a specific type of clothing. It really helped me find items of clothings that were timeless and vintage, which suits what I'm going for in my looks now-a-days. Also it's a great place to sell any of the clothes you don't wear anymore. 

Above is a screenshot from one of the sellers (Depop and IG: @goldievintage) I got from Depop and I upcycled the gold satin oversized shirt in to a bow crop top!


Kilogarm is a pop-up kilo-store that charges clothes per kilo. I have been wanting to go on one of these pop-up events for a while now and it was a perfect timing for Secondhand September. They usually have an event every month and its free to get in. They charge €25 per kilo and when I went, I got 2 shirts and a wolly jumper (all in good and perfect condition) which was €23 all together!
Tip: Try get there as early as possible because it is a jungle and it can be overwhelming when clothes are all over the place.

I went for a minimal look in this Levi's shirt I got from the pop-up event.

I also got this blue over sized, silk shirt which I thoughwas perfect to pop in an outfit with autumn tones

In 2019, Nine Crows opened a thrift store where they sell clearance clothing from their warehouse. Everything in that store is 15 or less! I honestly didn't know what to expect when I went in the store but I left with 7 items which cost me only €25 and they're pieces you can wear for this fall.

Since most of the clothes are in the wash (Always wash the clothes before wearing, even if they are new and the tags are still on!), I won't be posting any of it for this post but I will be sharing them in IG (@jerlidawn) soon!

Prior to Secondhand September, I knew that these shops existed but secondhand shopping and sustainable fashion wasn't a priority or something I thought of doing. Since then, this month allowed me to see the benefits of buying secondhand in a variety of places in Dublin and how I can help a good cause. I will definitely will be adding more secondhand pieces in to my wardrobe and practice more of sustainable fashion and after reading this and seeing my journey in September this, I hope you will be too!

*To know where the money given to these charity stores go,the links below are as follows: 

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