This pandemic has me overthinking...

Friday, April 24, 2020

As I write this, it is now day 49 of my lockdown and before you continue to read, I firstly want to say that I hope you are all well and safe during this global pandemic.

The four walls that I have been seeing daily for the last 7 weeks now has given me cabin fever. To escape this, I have been living in the online realm. According to iphone, my screentime from last week has increased by 32% (I haven't been on IG for months and still this happens!) and what I can gather from that is I have been spending too much time laughing at Tiktok vids made by 16 year olds...  Jokes aside, this personal metric I am sharing simply shows that, I, like the rest of the global population, have increased my online digital intake.

I have a different view of Pixar's Wreck It Ralph 2, Ralph Breaks the Internet now, as I believe it shows the most accurate representation how people are living their lives online. Even though the 2018 movie is outdated, where the viral videos of kids doing the floss on YouTube have now been replaced by kids trying to become viral by trying to dance like Charlie D'Amilio or Adisson Rae or whatever new dance challenge there is on Tiktok in 2020, the time Ralph has spent in the digital world where he sees humans as their avatar versions while they shop in Ebay, being shown unwatned ads, google their queries and even fall down the rabbit hole of the "dark web; all these depict where most of us reside in our current daily lives and this is now the community and world we live in 2020.

disney animation ralph GIF by Walt Disney Studios

 This was our reality in 2018 and this still our reality in 2020, just that this reality seems more crowded and noisy. Humans are social creatures but with social distancing in the way, the only way we can fulfil the need of socialising is through social media. 

I am aware this is not my usual blog post but I thought it would be therapeutic to share, since sharing (and even oversharing) is something very in the range these days.

I don't know if that view is a wrong way to see things during this pandemic but as I try to comprehend and find my place and peace with the digital era I can't help but wonder what the aftermath effects of all this online consumption will lead to? 

So here are my thoughts on what that would be:

1. Advertisers will have a better understanding (if not, a glass window view) of consumer online buying behaviour. I mean, damn.. how many times have I accepted every website cookie policies?  Even my decision making process is so quick now because I can't "walk out" out from an online store without being bombarded by ads. The urgency to have something new is strong because that product is tricking you that it is making a difference just because it's something new to see within the four walls we are contained in.

2. Growth of a more open global culture. White, black, Gay or Straight, it doesn't matter. The internet has no borders or walls , unlike America. It is a place where everyone can be themselves and have a platform where they can express themselves and be part of a globally diverse community. (Shoutout to all the sustainable-fashion-regaetton-loving-south-east-asian-advocates out there)

3. Greater voice for Gen Z. I can go on about this for a long time but to summarise in a short and simple way: Back in the day of Boomers, kids used to follow what their parents did or say, now, in 2020, parents are following what their kids are doing on TikTok.

So these are the only current outcomes I have overthought so far (that is blog appropriate to mention)... I might add more tomorrow if any new overthought thoughts come to mind tonight, while I lay in bed until 2am.

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