4 Simple and Affordable On The Go Items That help to Reduce My Waste

Wednesday, July 01, 2020

When I decided to make my switch to practicing a more sustainable lifestyle, I knew I had to let go of a number of everyday mundane things that contribute to global waste. Here are 4 on-the-go items I use that help reduce my paper and plastic waste while still being able to fit all of it in my bag. 

1. Metal Straw
Every year, 8.3 million straws pollute the ocean, and buying a metal straw was one of the first things I switched up in my lifestyle.

This is such an easy switch but of course, it wasn't easy to practice because there was a time I accidentally threw out my metal straw with my iced latte once I was finished with it (I'm sorry!). There was also that one time the crew took and my metal straw from my cocktail while we were out in a bar. Despite these inconveniences, I still use it and I feel better using it because I am reducing waste in the ocean and land.

2. Period Cup
I first heard about the period cup from my friends and they told me about how it changed their period days completely since switching to it and with that, that was the next thing I switched up. 

Using the cup at the start has had its challenges but I was advised by people to not give up on it and practice getting used to it. Once I got the hang of it, I feel total comfort and I feel better about myself that I found a sustainable feminine hygiene product that is an alternative to pads and tampons which doesn't contribute to more waste.

3. Tote Bag
There was a time where I left all the paper bags I had gotten within a week in my room to see how much I actually had and I saw that all the things I got, could've fit into 1 big bag. Since then I always brought a cotton tote bag with me. 

I haven't used it as much since I also decided to cut down the shopping and I've been at home for most of the year due to COVID lockdown. As things are slowly opening up, my tote bag is tucked away in my bag ready to be used when needed. 
4. Reusable Coffee Cup
If you're the type of person who likes to grab a coffee before heading to work because the coffee machine isn't the best then having a coffee cup is a must. I also like to meet up with friends and catch up over coffee and I was aware of the number of coffee cups I was using. Since using the reusable coffee cup, I have reduced 0 of my coffee intake but at least 3-5 coffee cups per week which I think makes a big difference in my waste. 

These are little changes that I've made but I know they have made a difference. Getting these things was the easy part of my journey but using them and applying them to my conscious consumer practice was a challenge I didn't expect.

Remember that choosing to be a conscious consumer is a lifestyle that comes with time and practice and in that journey, you might forget to put these things in your bag or not use it and that's fine as long as you are determined to be better and continue to do your part and use it, then your mindset is in the right place. I hope you can use these items to help reduce your waste!

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